7 Toxic plants for cats that you should know about

One of the things cats like the most is to explore the plants and flowerpots we have at home. However, this peculiar hobby can become dangerous for our pet. When a feline approaches a highly toxic plant for cats and tastes some of its leaves or flowers, the animal is susceptible to intoxication, thus putting its health at serious risk.

If you notice that your pet shows any symptoms of poisoning, such as hives and itching, vomiting, fainting, tiredness and fatigue or lack of appetite, do not hesitate to take him to your veterinarian so that he can make a more accurate diagnosis and give him the appropriate treatment to treat the poisoning.

List of toxic plants for cats

For the time being, we will tell you below which are the most toxic plants for our cat and which, therefore, you should keep away from his sight, smell and, of course, also from his palate:

  1. Holly

Despite being a plant with a certainly endearing part because it reminds us of Christmas, holly is also a highly toxic plant for cats. Specifically, the most harmful parts of the Christmas plant toxic to cats are the leaves, its red fruits, and its seeds, as they cause serious stomach problems to cats that ingest them.

  1. Oleander

Oleander is a very common type of plant in gardens and parks because its showy flower is also very decorative. But although it is a pleasant plant to look at, it is not so pleasant, however, for the cat’s organism, since the whole plant is toxic and can cause from a severe digestive disorder to heart and respiratory disorders.

  1. Tulip

You should know that the bulb of this brightly colored plant is also very toxic and can cause a severe digestive disorder to the cat that tastes its fruit.

  1. Yew

Yew trees are shrubs typical of the most mountainous and steep areas, although sometimes these coniferous trees are present in many gardens of private homes. Therefore, you should know that the whole plant (except for the ring that surrounds its seeds) is highly toxic. So much so, that it can cause the cat from digestive disorders, to cardiac arrest or severe neurological disorders.

  1. Poto

Who has not ever had a beautiful poto at home and has noticed that its leaves and branches grow at a dizzying pace? Well, this plant, so typical in many houses, is also a serious health risk for cats, since the whole plant itself can cause digestive intoxication to our cat, as well as inflammation of the eyes and incessant itching of the skin.

  1. Narcissus

Daffodils are plants that stand out, above all, for having a beautiful flower that gives off a very pleasant aroma throughout the house. However, this beautiful plant is also very toxic for cats, especially if our pet ingests its bulb, as it could suffer a severe digestive disorder, eye inflammation and itching or hives on the skin.

  1. Iris

As with daffodils, lilies are very beautiful and aromatic plants, but also very toxic to cats that get close to them. In the specific case of the lily, the stem, leaves and seeds can cause serious digestive, neurological or cardiac disorders in cats that come close to taste them.


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