Differences between Cats and Dogs as pets

Pets make your life happier, this is something unquestionable; however the choice of a pet can become complicated, especially when you do not know whether to choose a cat or a dog as a pet.

The differences between cats and dogs are very noticeable, not only from a physical point of view, but also in their behavior as pets. Know the differences between these two animals and make the decision about which one you should take home to keep you company.

5 Differences between dogs and cats as pets

Dogs should be bathed every so often, in general this is a practice that is simplified when you generate the routine since it is a puppy. Cats, on the other hand, are more independent when it comes to grooming. Cats bathe themselves; however, some cats learn to enjoy a good bath.

Cats have a survival instinct focused on their welfare, for example, if an accident occurs at home, a fire, your dog will try to warn you, barking tirelessly, a cat for its part will go out the window in search of protection for it.

In terms of interaction, dogs tend to be more active, when you call a dog he comes immediately and very happily wagging his tail incessantly. Cats as pets, on the other hand, when you call them, do not always come, they will approach you when they feel like it, not when you ask them to.

Although it is possible to train a cat, in this aspect dogs tend to have a higher degree of acceptance. Dogs can be trained to bring your slippers, the ball, while training a cat depends largely on the cat’s willingness to learn new tricks.

Dogs may feel abandoned when you leave for work, and some may even become depressed or anxious. Cats can spend the whole day alone and this will not make them feel overwhelmed, in fact, when you get home dogs will welcome you with joy, cats will not, they will just look at you and go on their way.

Generally speaking, if you want an independent pet, cats are your option, for those who enjoy the caresses and effusive demonstrations of affection from dogs, and have time to train your dog, then there is not much to think about.

Both animals make amazing pets, you just need to consider your priorities and theirs to choose the pet that best suits your lifestyle and needs.


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