Hhow to take care of my dog from the cold

With the arrival of the winter season, it is important to take care of your pet, since it can suffer the effects of low temperatures and a cold dog is prone to get sick. For example, older dogs may get aches and pains due to ailments such as arthritis, or they may get viral diseases such as flu or respiratory problems such as cough. So how can you take care of your dog in winter?
How to take care of a dog in winter?

Keep him warm. Nowadays there are a lot of warm clothes for pets, you can find them in customized sizes and models. In addition, there are brands where when you buy for your pet, the money raised goes to shelters or shelters to help dogs and cats in need. If your pet is not used to wearing clothes, a good blanket on his bed is ideal to keep him warm during the day and night. If your pet sleeps outside, it is very important to consider that he does it inside during this season, or adapt a warm and accessible place for him. Condition the place where he sleeps so that he is not a cold dog, avoid exposing him and making him sick.

Do not change his diet. Humans tend to consume more caloric or very hot food. In the case of your cold dog this is not necessary, unless the veterinarian indicates otherwise. It will always be advisable to keep his food as regular as possible, so he will continue to receive his nutrients and proteins to defend him before the climatic changes.

Avoid bathing him frequently. The recommendation is to do it once a month, and if it is done at home, make sure that the bath is with warm water and in a closed place. It is very important to dry him properly and keep him in a warm place. Do not take him out in the cold after bathing him, the change in temperature can affect his health.

Exercise is good at any time of the year. During the cold season it allows him to warm up and stay in good health. Take shorter walks or play with him in a park. Remember to wrap your pet in the best possible way before leaving the house, both have to prevent and keep warm, activities at home will also help both of you to keep warm, try to play with him and be in constant movement if you don’t have the opportunity to go out.

Stimulations, if you have an older dog, in the cold seasons they are more prone to feel pain in their bones or joints. If this is the case, try to stimulate your dog to walk at home, stretching their legs or even massaging them. Being attentive to them will be a key point to take care of them and their health.

With the help and following these tips, now it will be much easier to cope and manage the temperatures of the winter season so that your pet is not affected. Care is the best prevention to keep your dog in the best possible conditions, living healthy and happy.


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