What are the main needs of a cat?

A cat’s needs are all those minimum requirements that these animals need to be well cared for and enjoy a healthy and happy life. Just like any other animal or human beings, cats have a series of basic needs throughout their lives, which their owners must be able to meet.

Basic needs of a cat

First of all, a cat needs to have food and drink every day. In this sense, it is important that we know how to choose the food that best suits our cat in each of the stages of his life, as well as that we provide him with enough water, so that the cat can enjoy a good state of health.

Grooming is another of the basic needs of any pet, and in this particular case, also of cats. Bathing, brushing and haircuts, or the cleaning of specific areas of their body, is another of the basic needs of this type of animals.

At certain times in their lives, cats will also require veterinary attention. When the animal is a puppy, it requires medical attention for check-ups and mandatory vaccinations. And when the animal is older, medical attention will be necessary to cure any possible diseases it may suffer from.

Another of the basic needs of cats is daily physical exercise. In addition to being very active animals that usually like to carry out a busy activity, cats need to play and burn energy to feel more vital.

Like any other pet, cats also need the affection of their owners to enjoy good physical and mental health. In this sense, these pets need to feel accepted in their home and, ultimately, to feel loved and accepted by their owners and the rest of the family members.

Nutritional needs of cats

A cat’s nutritional needs change as it gets older. This means that your pet will need a specific diet for each stage of its life.

Energy needs of cats

Puppies have higher energy needs than adult and senior cats. Therefore, the diet of young cats should be higher in calories than that of adult cats.

However, it is important for adult cats to have a diet that is adequate for their body’s requirements, with the right combination of nutrients. And in the case of senior cats, as their activity level drops considerably, their nutritional needs also change.

In the case of pregnant and lactating cats, they will also need a diet that provides them with much more energy and ensures a balanced nutritional intake during this particular stage of their life.

Physiological needs of the cat

The cat’s physiological needs are those that the cat needs to meet in order to achieve a balance of all its bodily functions. In this sense, cats need a litter box or litter tray to relieve themselves. But they also need to exercise, play, groom themselves, and even mate when they are in heat.


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