Why physical punishment is not good for your dog?

Taking care of a dog is a task that requires a lot of time and dedication, even more when you try to educate and train it properly during its growth. There are many methods to educate a dog, but never, for any reason, resort to physical punishment to achieve this goal.

Physical punishment causes a conditioning in your canine friend, in which there will not be a relationship of respect towards you as owner, but rather, instilled fear. There are many negative effects of physical punishment on your pet, which can diminish its quality of life. Here are the reasons why you should not resort to physical punishment with your pet.

It is possible to adapt to punishment

Dogs create habits, if they are attacked for any reason repeatedly, they will get used to it, until they do not have any type of reaction when you repeat the same punishment. This can lead you to increase the intensity of the physical punishment, when this happens, you are simply entering a dangerous vicious circle of violence against your dog.

It can generate aggression

If you resorted to physical punishment repeatedly, until your dog reacted aggressively, it is possible that you have activated the aggressive instinct of the animal, remember that dogs are not dangerous, many times, a bad owner is the main threat.

When you activate that aggressive instinct with your mistreatment, it can be very dangerous, especially if there are children in the house, because the dog will not know how to differentiate between a caress or an aggression, when a person approaches him.

Emotional consequences

Some dogs can present emotional consequences, as a response to constant physical punishment, stress, anxiety and other symptoms can be very frequent. Physical punishment only causes emotional instability in a dog, which will never be completely happy again, as it will always be defensive.

You can create traumas

When you resort to physical punishment consecutively, the dog will not know how to differentiate between the intention of a caress and the intention of a physical punishment, which can cause some nervousness. In this type of situation, the dog may develop traumas, which will be reflected in problems such as urination (your dog urinates when you approach him).

What methods to use for a good education free of physical punishment?

There are many methods to train a dog without resorting to violence, part of it is based, mainly, on the compression towards your pet. You can use a system of rewards, you can also use a firmer tone of voice (without shouting), without shouting, in which he will begin to differentiate what he can and cannot do.

Remember that physical punishment will never be education, it will be simple violence that you will be using against your pet, who should be your most important and valuable friend.


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